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Auto Janning

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Oscar Car Rental Schüttorf Bahnhofstraße 7
48465 Schüttorf

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed
Outside width
1,96 m
Outside height
1,97 m
Outside length
5,4 m
Load capacity
897 kg

Air conditioning, Bluetooth

Opel Vivaro

from €107.00 per day
4 Doors
9 Seats
6,1 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Rent a car in Schüttorf

Welcome to Schüttorf, the charming and cozy small town located in Lower Saxony. Here, tradition and modernity uniquely merge. Oscar Car Rental has been a proud part of this community since 2023, and your reliable partner when it comes to "car rental in Schüttorf". With over 20 locations in Germany and more than 400 across Europe, we provide flexibility and comfort wherever you need us.

Oscar Car Rental in Schüttorf

What sets Oscar Car Rental apart is that we are operated by local, independent car dealers. This business model ensures you will always receive advice from professionals who know their region inside out. You benefit from a personalized service from renters who value their local reputation. Here, you can expect dedicated, local providers with expertise and passion instead of dealing with an anonymous large corporation.

In Schüttorf, Oscar Car Rental is run by Auto Janning. Our team takes pride in offering you a selection of vehicles that is compact but varied. Whether you're planning a weekend in the countryside, a business trip, or you're managing a move - we have the right car for you.

Rent a van in Schüttorf

Do you need more space than a standard car offers? Whether it’s for a large purchase, a day trip with friends, or a small move - our range of vans has the right vehicle for every need. With the spacious vans from Oscar Car Rental in Schüttorf, you'll arrive at your destination comfortably and safely.

Rent a minibus in Schüttorf

Are you planning a trip with a large group? Then our minibuses are the ideal choice. A bus with room for up to 9 people, our minibuses ensure that no one gets left behind. Enjoy comfort and driving pleasure with a minibus from Oscar Car Rental in Schüttorf.

Rent a moving truck in Schüttorf

Are you moving and need more space? With one of our moving trucks or vans, your move will be a breeze. Our vehicles offer enough room for all your belongings, ensuring a stress-free move to your new home.

Our goal at Oscar Car Rental Schüttorf is to provide you with a seamless and pleasant rental vehicle service. With our diverse range of vehicles and the know-how of our local staff, we want to ensure you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. We look forward to accompanying you on your next journey.

Oscar Car Rental Car Subscription in Schüttorf

At Oscar Car Rental, we understand that flexibility is essential in modern life. That's why we're excited to introduce our innovative car subscription service in Schüttorf. This service combines the benefits of car rental with the convenience of owning your own vehicle, without the financial burden and long-term commitment of a traditional car purchase. Our unique arrangement allows you to keep a car as long as you need it and cancel it on a monthly basis.

What our car subscription includes

Oscar Car Rental's car subscription is comprehensive and covers all key aspects of car rental. The subscription includes both car insurance and all service charges and taxes. There is no deposit required and cancellation is on a monthly basis. This provides you with maximum flexibility as you are not tied to long-term contracts.

Perfect for changing life circumstances

Our car subscription in Schüttorf is an excellent choice for those who have flexible transportation needs due to changing life circumstances. Whether you need a temporary solution for commuting, are planning a longer business trip, or simply want to enjoy the freedom of changing your vehicle monthly - our car subscription adapts to your requirements.

Easily accessible and uncomplicated

All formalities at Oscar Car Rental are minimized. Our goal is to provide you with a car as quickly as possible. With our car subscription, you can get started at any time without having to deal with complicated contracts or making a deposit. Leave the formalities to us and simply enjoy the freedom of being mobile.

Attractions in and around Schüttorf, easily accessible with a rental car from Oscar Car Rental

Welcome to Schüttorf, a city rich in historical sites and impressive nature. With a vehicle from Oscar Car Rental, you can explore this captivating town and the surrounding region at your leisure. Here are some attractions you should visit:

Bentheim Castle

As one of Lower Saxony's most impressive fortresses, Bentheim Castle offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. With your rental car, you can quickly get to this historical fortress and experience the medieval history and architecture up close.

Emsflower Adventure Park

Drive your rental car to Emsflower Adventure Park, where you can experience an impressive diversity of plants and flowers. The park also features a butterfly garden, where you can observe tropical butterflies up close — perfect for a relaxing day trip.

Quendorfer Lake

Just a short drive from the city, Quendorfer Lake is the ideal destination for those who love spending time outdoors. Here, you can swim, hike, or simply enjoy the idyllic view of the lake. Don't forget to bring a picnic basket!

Rheine Eco Museum

A bit further away but still easily accessible with your rental car from Oscar Car Rental is the Rheine Eco Museum. Here, you can learn everything about the region's industrial and technological history, from early history to modern times.

Schüttorf has many attractions and things to see. With a rental car from Oscar Car Rental, you are always flexible and can plan your trips according to your wishes. Don't hesitate to ask our experienced staff for further recommendations!

Find out the most frequently asked questions by our customers in Schüttorf

Find a selection of the main questions about our rental service in Schüttorf:

What is the price to rent a car in Schüttorf?

At Oscar Car Rental we have very competitive rates. You can rent one of our vehicles at an affordable price starting from €39 per day with Oscar Car Rental in Schüttorf.

Is there any extra charge in case of being a driver under 25 years old?

No, we do not charge any extra fee. When you rent a car in Schüttorf, you pay the same regardless of your age. You may be asked to pay a higher deposit, but don't worry, because it will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if everything went well with the vehicle. Please note that some of our vehicles have age restrictions.

Can I drive a van with my license?

Yes, everyone with a standard driving license (type B) can drive our vans and trucks. You can rent one of our vehicles in Schüttorf using the search function on our website.

Can I get a discount when I reserve a vehicle?

Yes, we offer you a 10% discount on the daily rate for bookings that are not long term. You can get it by downloading our app and being part of our loyalty program. So, rent a car in Schüttorf by booking through our app to get a discount.