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Air conditioning, Bluetooth, GPS, Parking sensors, Heated seats, USB & AUX, Isofix, Cruise control

Mazda CX-3

from €39.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
5,8 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Air conditioning, Bluetooth, GPS, Parking sensors, USB & AUX, Isofix

Renault Captur

from €39.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
5,6 l/100km
Without tow bar
More information
Outside width
4,04 m
Outside height
1,73 m
Outside length
1,46 m

Bluetooth, Parking sensors, Reversing Camera, Cruise control, Heated seats, All-season tires, Automatic climate control, electric exterior mirrors, Distance regulation, Touchscreen, digital radio, Soundsystem

Ford Fiesta

from €39.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
6,7 l/100km
Without tow bar
More information
Outside width
1,79 m
Outside height
1,38 m
Outside length
4,45 m

Air conditioning, Bluetooth, GPS, Parking sensors, Cruise control, Heated seats, USB & AUX, All-season tires, Automatic climate control, electric exterior mirrors

Audi A3

from €49.00 per day
Midsize car
5 Doors
5 Seats
3,9 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Rent a car in Bergheim

Welcome to Bergheim, a charming city in the western part of Germany, known for its rich industrial history and beautiful green spaces. Right here in Bergheim, Oscar Car Rental is proud to have been offering high-quality and reliable rental services since August 2, 2023. With our long-standing experience and our extensive selection of vehicles, we strive to cater to your individual needs for a car rental in Bergheim.

Why Oscar Car Rental?

Oscar Car Rental is operated by local and independent car dealers. This business model offers not just local expertise and personal service, but also guarantees quality, as the dealers deeply care for their good local reputation. Our local partner for Bergheim is Auto-Plus, under the leadership of Bünyamin Yigitce. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we always strive to give you the best service possible.

Our Vehicle Fleet in Bergheim

At Oscar Car Rental in Bergheim, we offer a compact but diverse selection of rental vehicles. Whether you need a small city car, a spacious family car, or even a van for moving or hauling, you will certainly find the ideal vehicle with us.

Renting Transport Vans

We understand that different tasks require different vehicles. That’s why we offer a selection of rental vans at our Bergheim branch. Whether it’s for buying an oven or for weekend trips to the hardware store, our small vans are perfect for transporting smaller items. For larger transportation tasks, we have solutions too: our box vans and larger transport vans are ideal for bulky cargo and apartment moves.

Renting a Minibus in Bergheim

We have a solution for group travels too. In Bergheim, we offer minibus rentals. Perfect for family outings, club trips or corporate events. Our minibuses offer ample space and come equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Renting a Moving Van

Planning a move? No problem, at Oscar Car Rental in Bergheim, you can also rent a moving van. Our Sprinters are perfectly suited for this because they provide plenty of space and loading area for your moving goods. Make moving day easier with the ideal vehicle from Oscar Car Rental.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Oscar Car Rental is your ideal partner for car rentals in Bergheim. Not only does our extensive range and quality of our vehicles convinces, but also our personal and customer-oriented service is what customers appreciate about us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect vehicle to meet your individual needs.

Oscar Car Rental’s Flexible Auto Subscription Service in Bergheim

We at Oscar Car Rental understand that our customers' mobility needs depend on numerous factors and may change over time. As such, we constantly strive to offer flexible solutions that match your needs. One of our most popular offerings is the Oscar Auto Subscription.

What is the Oscar Auto Subscription?

The Oscar Auto Subscription is an innovation in car rentals. Instead of committing long-term to purchasing a car or a lease agreement, we offer you the opportunity to rent a premium vehicle on a monthly basis. And the best part: the Oscar Auto Subscription comes without a down payment and can be canceled monthly.

What are the Benefits of the Oscar Auto Subscription?

At Oscar Car Rental, our aim is to make mobility as easy and convenient for you as possible. This is why the Oscar Auto Subscription includes everything you need, from insurance to service and tax. This means you don't have to worry about a thing and can fully focus on your stay in Bergheim and your journey.

Flexibility and Comfort with Oscar Car Rental

Our auto subscription is as flexible as you: if you no longer need the subscription, you can cancel it at any time. If, on the other hand, you wish to stay longer, or if you simply appreciate the convenience and comfort of your rented vehicle, you can easily extend your subscription.

Final Words

Let the flexibility and service of Oscar Car Rental in Bergheim convince you. Whether you need a car for a month, a year, or simply for as long as you want: with our auto subscription offer, we make it possible. Just contact us, and we will work together to find the perfect solution for you.

Explore Bergheim in comfort with a rental car from Oscar Car Rental

Welcome to the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, the charming town of Bergheim. This region boasts a wide range of sights and attractions, easily explored with our reliable rental vehicles. Here are some of the top spots you won't want to miss.

Kottenforst-Ville Nature Park

Escape the city rush and soak in the tranquil ambiance of this nature park. Just a short drive from Bergheim, offering extensive hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and diverse wildlife.

Aachen Cathedral

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Aachen Cathedral is a must-visit for history and architecture lovers. The cathedral is an admirable mix of Carolingian, Ottonian, and Gothic architecture, about an hour's drive from Bergheim.

Paffendorf Castle

This impressive castle, just a brief drive from Bergheim, is a perfect example of Renaissance architecture. Surrounded by a picturesque park, it houses an environmental center.


If you're looking for a day full of fun and adventure, take a short drive to Phantasialand. This theme park provides thrilling rides, live entertainment, and excellent dining options. It's an ideal destination for families and amusement park fans.

Roman Villa Bergheim

Experience a piece of Roman history in Bergheim. The Roman Villa is a well-preserved ancient farmhouse from the Roman era, providing a fascinating insight into history.


For soccer fans, the RheinEnergieStadion is an absolute must-see. Home to 1. FC Köln, this stadium offers a great atmosphere during games. It's only half an hour drive from Bergheim.

We at Oscar Car Rental are eager to assist you in exploring all these wonderful places and more. Make your trip to Bergheim an unforgettable one with our selection of top-quality rental vehicles.

Do you have any questions about our car rental in Bergheim?

In that case, read on. We have created a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about our car rental in Bergheim:

What does a rental car cost in Bergheim?

Our prices vary according to the collaborating branch where you book. You can book from €39 per day with Oscar Bergheim, including third party insurance.

I am under 25 years old, do I have to pay any extra fee for being younger?

Don't worry about the price because we will not charge any additional fees for being under 25 years old. Discover our vehicles in Bergheim, you might find that some of the vehicles may be age restricted. Please note that the branch may also ask for a higher deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if everything is in order with the vehicle.

Am I authorized to drive a van or moving truck?

Yes, you are authorized to drive a van or moving truck as long as you have a type B driving license. You are more than welcome to have a look at our website to see what vehicles we have available for rent in Bergheim.

What discount can be applied to my rental with Oscar?

By booking through our Oscar mobile app, you can access our membership program and get a 10% daily discount on bookings that are not long term. Use the app and search for Bergheim to get a discount on your reservation.