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Rent a car in Herzogenrath

Herzogenrath, a city with a rich history nestled in the heart of the Aachen region is now graced with a new attraction: Oscar Car Rental. Located within a picturesque landscape and near numerous attractions, our Herzogenrath branch is the ideal starting point for your explorations. With an already impressive presence of more than 400 locations throughout Europe, including over 20 in Germany, we're excited to now offer premium service and a diverse range of rental cars to the residents and visitors of Herzogenrath.

Why choose Oscar Car Rental?

Oscar Car Rental is operated by local and independent car dealers. This business model allows us certain key advantages. Primarily, it has enabled us to establish a valuable network of partners—each possessing extensive knowledge on the local market, including Matthew Dealership, our partner who runs Oscar Car Rental in Herzogenrath. They are committed to quality, professionalism, and personalized service. As they are keen on maintaining their reputation at a local level, the premium customer support they can guarantee is unmatched. Additionally, you get to choose from an albeit compact but diverse fleet of vehicles matching a variety of needs.

Rent a van with Oscar

Whether planning a small move, needing to transport bulky items, or simply requiring more space, our fleet will have the right vehicle for you. Our vans are designed to offer both load capacity and driving comfort. You can effortlessly navigate through the city or country roads, while ensuring your cargo remains organized and protected.

Minibus Rental

Planning a trip with a larger group or need extra space for your luggage? A minibus is the perfect solution. Our minibuses offer adequate seating and storage ensuring comfortable and efficient travel. This leaves you to focus on the most important part: enjoying your journey.

Moving Truck Rental

Planning a move? We have the ideal vehicle for you. Our moving trucks are spacious and sturdy, perfect for transporting your furniture and moving boxes. With their easy handling and high comfort, your move is sure to be a breeze.

Discover Herzogenrath with Oscar Car Rental

Your satisfaction is our top priority at Oscar Car Rental. Our wide range of rental cars and dedicated staff will assist you in finding a vehicle that matches your needs. Whether you need a compact car for city traffic, a minibus for your next group trip, or a moving truck for your impending move - you’ll find exactly what you need at Oscar Car Rental in Herzogenrath. We look forward to accompanying you on your next trip!

Flexible Car Subscription from Oscar Car Rental in Herzogenrath

We at Oscar Car Rental in Herzogenrath are delighted to offer you our flexible car subscription service. It's a super convenient solution for those who enjoy the comfort of a car without wanting a long-term commitment, making it ideal for temporary moves, long term vacations or simply trying out a specific model for a while.

All-Inclusive Service

Our car subscription is a complete solution. It includes not only your vehicle's rental but also all necessary insurances, service, and taxes - saving you time and effort so you can concentrate solely on your journey.

Flexible Duration

The duration of our car subscription is flexible. It requires no down payment and can be canceled on a month-to-month basis, offering you maximum flexibility and the capability to use the vehicle according to your individual needs.

Stop by and discover the benefits of our flexible car subscription service. Our dedicated team in Herzogenrath looks forward to helping you choose the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Sightseeing Highlights in Herzogenrath and Surrounding Areas

As part of Oscar Car Rental, we are pleased to introduce some of the interesting attractions in Herzogenrath and the surrounding area, which are easily accessible with your rental car.

Burg Rode

Interested in history? Then Burg Rode is a must-see! This medieval moated castle in the Merkstein district is not just an impressive architectural gem but also hosts cultural events and concerts.

Haus Heyden Waterburg

Your journey might also take you to Haus Heyden Waterburg, another historical site in Herzogenrath. The elaborately restored complex is a picturesque backdrop for walks and impresses with its atmospheric ambiance.


Looking for relaxation and fun for the whole family? The Aquana swimming pool and adventure bath offers a variety of slides, swimming pools, and a spacious sauna area.

Brunssummerheide Park

Just a short drive away is the beautiful Brunssummerheide nature park, a perfect place for hiking, picnics, and discovering the area’s wildlife.

Rheinische Bergbau Museum

For those interested in technology, industrial history and mining, a visit to the Rheinische Bergbau Museum is worth it. Here you can experience first-hand how miners used to work.

Aachen Cathedral

A bit further, but quickly reached with your rental car from Oscar Car Rental, is Aachen. A highlight is Aachen Cathedral, the first German entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List and definitely worth a visit.

We are sure that this selection has provided you with some inspiration for your sightseeing tour around Herzogenrath. With Oscar Car Rental, you have the freedom to tailor your travel route and explore the numerous sights and attractions in and around Herzogenrath. Happy travels from your team at Oscar Car Rental!

Do you have any questions about our car rental in Herzogenrath?

In that case, read on. We have created a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about our car rental in Herzogenrath:

What does a rental car cost in Herzogenrath?

Our prices vary according to the collaborating branch where you book. You can book from €75 per day with Oscar Herzogenrath, including third party insurance.

I am under 25 years old, do I have to pay any extra fee for being younger?

Don't worry about the price because we will not charge any additional fees for being under 25 years old. Discover our vehicles in Herzogenrath, you might find that some of the vehicles may be age restricted. Please note that the branch may also ask for a higher deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the reservation, if everything is in order with the vehicle.

Am I authorized to drive a van or moving truck?

Yes, you are authorized to drive a van or moving truck as long as you have a type B driving license. You are more than welcome to have a look at our website to see what vehicles we have available for rent in Herzogenrath.

What discount can be applied to my rental with Oscar?

By booking through our Oscar mobile app, you can access our membership program and get a 10% daily discount on bookings that are not long term. Use the app and search for Herzogenrath to get a discount on your reservation.