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Oscar Car Rental Beilngries Denkendorfer Str. 6
92339 Beilngries

Opening hours

Sunday: Closed
Outside width
2,35 m
Outside height
2,03 m
Outside length
5,34 m
Inside width
1,78 m
Inside height
1,78 m
Inside length
2,92 m
Inside size
9,22 m³
Tow bar max. load
2800 kg
Load capacity
819 kg

Air conditioning, Bluetooth

Ford Transit Custom

€75.00 per day
Big van
4 Doors
3 Seats
8 l/100km
With tow bar
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Rent a car in Beilngries

Welcome to Beilngries, a charming, historical city in Bavaria, surrounded by the stunning Altmühltal Nature Park landscape. Oscar Car Rental, a leading car rental service in Europe, has now joyfully opened its location in Beilngries. With our dependable, customer-focused services, we aim to facilitate your travels and explorations around this picturesque city.

Oscar Car Rental: A Local, Autonomous Solution

Oscar Car Rental operates over 400 locations across Europe, more than 20 of which are in Germany. Our unique approach is that our business is run by local, independent car dealers. This business model offers several advantages, including local expertise, personal service, and dedicated car dealers who care about their local reputation. Benefit from the knowledgeable advice of business people who know and care about their city. Our local operation partner in Beilngries is Auto Achatz.

Selection of Rental Cars in Beilngries

Our Beilngries location boasts a compact but diverse fleet of vehicles. Whether you need a small car for city driving, a comfortable sedan for long trips, or a spacious station wagon for family outings, we have the right vehicle for you. Whether you're on business, vacation, or moving, we at Oscar Car Rental Beilngries are ready to meet your individual needs.

Minibus Rental in Beilngries

If you need to transport a larger group, we also offer the option to rent a minibus. Our minibuses are ideal for family outings, club excursions, or small school trips. They provide both comfort and plenty of space for your luggage.

Partnership with Auto Achatz

Our local partner, Auto Achatz, operates Oscar Car Rental in Beilngries. With their experience in the automotive industry and their excellent customer service, they ensure a reliable and smooth process from first contact to vehicle return. As a local provider, Auto Achatz places great importance on customer satisfaction and high quality standards.

Looking to rent a car in Beilngries? At Oscar Car Rental Beilngries, we have just the right one for you. We look forward to welcoming you soon and providing the best possible car rental experience!

Flexible Car Subscription at Oscar Car Rental Beilngries

As a true pioneer in mobility, Oscar Car Rental in Beilngries offers you a flexible and innovative solution - the Oscar Auto Subscription. This offer provides you with the convenience of a private car, without the need to own one.

Simple and Worry-Free Car Rental

Our car subscription is more than just a long-term rental. It's a complete package that includes all major costs such as insurance, service, and taxes already included in the monthly price. It simplifies the whole process for you, and removes the need to tackle different services separately. This saves considerable time and provides a worry-free driving experience, wherever you are.

Flexibility and Freedom with Your Rental Car in Beilngries

One of the best features of our car subscription is its unique flexibility. Instead of committing to long-term obligations, our offer allows for monthly cancellation. We also require no deposit, giving you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace.

Save with Oscar Car Rental

Our comprehensive services are not only designed to make your life easier but also to save you money in the long run. By consolidating all car-related costs into a single monthly payment, you maintain full control over your finances and avoid unexpected expenses.

Contact us today to learn more about our attractive car subscription offer. We at Oscar Car Rental Beilngries look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Discover Beilngries and its surroundings in your rental car from Oscar Car Rental!

Welcome to the Oscar Car Rental's landing page. For travellers in search of a car rental in Beilngries, a rental car from us opens up a unique opportunity to explore this charming town in Bavaria and the surrounding attractions at your own pace. Here are some tourist highlights you can easily reach from Beilngries:

Altmühltal Nature Park

As one of the largest and most beautiful nature parks in Germany, the Altmühltal Nature Park is definitely worth a visit. With your rental car, you can conveniently reach the numerous hiking trails, viewpoints, and historical sites of the park.

Hirschberg Castle

Near Beilngries, is the imposing Hirschberg Castle. This castle perched atop a hill offers great views of the surrounding landscape and is easily reached in a rental car.

Fossil and Stone Print Museum Gunzenhausen

This unique museum is a paradise for fossil and stone print enthusiasts. Travel through time and explore the history etched into the stones. With your rental car, you can reach this destination in less than an hour.

Liberation Hall Kelheim

The magnificent Liberation Hall in Kelheim is an impressive sight and just a short drive from Beilngries. The hall was erected to commemorate the victories in the Napoleonic wars of liberation.

Schellenberg Mine

The Schellenberg Mine is a part of the extensive medieval ore mining system in the Altmühltal. A rental car allows you to explore this fascinating historical site at your own pace.

We hope that this list helps you discover the best attractions around Beilngries. To make your journey more enjoyable, you can easily and uncomplicatedly book a rental car with Oscar Car Rental.

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Beilngries

We have compiled some of the questions we often receive from our customers in Beilngries:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Beilngries?

You can rent a car from just €39.00 per day at Oscar Car Rental in Beilngries.

Do I have to pay more if I am under 25 years old?

No, we do not charge any extra fee for young people. You can rent a car for the same price in Beilngries if you are under 25 years old. In some cases, we will charge a higher deposit, but it will be refunded at the end of the rental. We also have an age limit on some vehicles.

Does renting a van require a special driving license?

You do not need a special driving license to drive a van, minibus or truck. All our cars in Beilngries can be driven with a standard driving license (driving license B), so you can book these cars with us.

How do I get a discount on my car rental?

When you choose to rent a car at Oscar Car Rental Beilngries, you can get a discount by placing your booking through our app. In the Oscar app, you get access to our loyalty program, which gives you a 10% discount on the rental prices of normal bookings as a minimum.